Pick Up Pointers: Grocery Store Edition

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I used to frequent a grocery store that was twice as far away simply because hotter men shopped there. I’m not proud of it, but I’m not alone either.

Fact: Grocery stores are excellent places to pick up women. Think about it – single girls are easy to spot. Couples tend to do this errand together, thus annoying the unattached and reminding single females of their solo status. She’ll be the one wearing her cutest gym clothes and fresh makeup, trust me.

Also, there are no less than a million items savvy male shoppers can use as an excuse to strike up a conversation. Don’t know how to pronounce a word like “Quinoa?” Ask the cute girl next to you. It’s a disarming ice breaker. Not sure what the difference is between whole wheat and multi-grain? I bet she’ll know. Don’t know how to tell if a cantaloupe is ripe or not? There’s your in – just don’t use it to make a bad joke about her melons, that’ll get you slapped.

If you’re shopping at store that sells alcohol, like Trader Joe’s, ask her if she can recommend a good Merlot or IPA. Seeking help or an opinion sets you up as harmless in her eyes, and if she thinks you’re cute she’ll keep the conversation going. Not feeling clever but prefer the chivalrous route? Offer to help us carry her groceries out after checkout. Any girl will appreciate the gesture, and you can ask for her number in a less public setting.

The trick is to relax and be yourself. Women are like horses and dogs, we sense fear. Nothing could be more mundane than a trip to the store, so all you have to do is be the bright spot and you’re golden.

The downside? You run the risk of exposing your atrocious eating habits to the world (a cart full of frozen pizza and beer screams “bachelor”), plus you’ll likely be working your charm around other people within earshot. A good litmus test of her mindset is to smile at her to see if she smiles back. If she holds eye contact and returns your smile, she’s into you. But if she smiles quickly then makes a beeline to another aisle, she’s just being polite.

Either way, supermarket love connections are possible, I’m convinced. Next time you’re cruising the aisles and someone catches your eye, go for it. You might come home with more than just milk and eggs. If it goes awry, don’t sweat it. Just switch to another store. In another neighborhood. Where no one knows you. ETIQUETTE WINGMAN


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