Oh mannnn, head out of town for a few days last weekend and miss an all you can eat cereal buffet? Where’s the justice in that?! No worries, The Riley List has us covered once again. As if living in NYC wasn’t reward enough lately, what with Jeremy Lin reminding bandwagon fans why the Knicks are worth watching (yeah, I went there) and that other (read: BADASS) NY sports team – that not enough people talk about – the Rangers, generally being awesome, it’s a good weekend to catch a game at the Garden.
But, just in case you’d like to round of the rest of your time, Riley has unearthed a King of the Wing competition, a gumbo (and chili) cook off and even a clam shuck. Who knew there were so many foodie diversions? And that’s not even mentioning all of the booze-related revelry. I’m full just thinking about it. Whether you’re into beer gardens, tasting menus or even something called a Pizza Bus, if you’ve got the time, we’ve got the attractions. So check out his list, lace up your shoes and have a little fun this weekend, on Riley.
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