Even though Miss Wingman spends a fair amount of time telling the male population what’s not sexy, sometimes I swap sides (not that way, minds out of the gutter please). So, for instances like these when I drop some “This is good – Do this” wisdom, you boys should pay attention. In the first edition of this new feature, Things That Make You Sexier, I’m boldly going where many men should’ve gone before – the dance floor.

Yes, in the hierarchy of things that up your sexiness stock, a man who can move is up there. Way up there. No one says you have to pop and lock like someone on “America’s Best Dance Crew,” or salsa like you’re on “Dancing With The Stars,” (though resembling William Levy wouldn’t hurt, frankly) but being able to dance would certainly work in your favor. Why? Because when a guy dances well it tells us two things: A) that you weren’t too embarrassed to practice enough to get that way, and B) that you might have moves…other places. Hips don’t lie, after all.

Likewise, we love when guys take the initiative to get us onto the dance floor. Even if it takes you a few Jameson shots to lace up your dancing shoes, that’s fine. But once you’re out there, don’t worry about what you look like, just have fun with it. I’ve dated guys who refuse to dance and guys who had a blast dancing, and guess which ones were more fun at a wedding?

And if you need further proof, look no further than the many hot women who have dated their (less than hot) back up dancers. Moving well may not seem manly, but it is. Helpful hint though – don’t worry about big arm movements or fancy footwork. Just concentrate on finding the beat. If you can do that (and bounce a little to it), you’ll look like you can hang. So take it from me, twinkle toes. Or don’t – and take it from these guys. A more fun way to spend a 5 hour rain delay was never had by anyone. And let’s face it, baseball players could use a little positive attention right now (nice job, Ozzie Guillen).THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

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