The weather is finally getting nice. We’re in playoff mode. There’s a long hot summer ahead filled with reasons to call your boys, fire up the grill and watch the games. Also, you like beer.

Need any more excuses to put on your hosting hat and get your drink on? Didn’t think so. But just in case, Miss Wingman has stumbled upon one truly awesome man-find for your entertaining enjoyment. Behold! The Ice Core Beer Pitcher.

I have no idea why it took someone this long to invent such a masterpiece, but thank heavens they did – and that it only costs $13. Pitchers haven’t looked this good since Humber went lights out.

The folks at Keg Works deserve a pat on the back, as do the nerd-savvy minds over at Gear Patrol for unearthing this badass beverage receptacle. It holds up to 60 oz of beer, and you can either put ice in the seal-off aluminum core, or water and freeze it. Science for the betterment of drinking! Can’t think of a better use.

And, just in case you needed a little refresher course on the finer points of a Pilsner vs. an IPA, here’s a fun little recap of Beer 101: What’s The Difference Between Varieties? Now you can impress your buddies by throwing around phrases like, “The malt in this brown ale makes it taste more earthy, yet still slightly hoppy…” Just be prepared for them to call you a D-bag. Repeatedly.

So bust out that Kegerator, put your feet up and raise a glass to the coolest frosty beverage aid around. I can’t guarantee that your team will win, but I can promise that your drink will stay cool well into overtime…even if you can’t say the same. Here’s ‘hop’-ing your beer heroics don’t go unnoticed. Cheers. –MWGEEK WINGMAN

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