If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t play the role of Romeo with ease, or even very often. Everyone’s so busy in their daily hustle that it’s understandable if chivalry or shows of affection drop a notch or two on your list of priorities. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still dust off the ol’ charm and wow us every once in a while. And it might even be easier than you think.

Women love knowing that you’re thinking about us. And what better way to show us than in these small-in-magnitude but big-in-style-points ways? The good news is, you don’t have to be Ryan Gosling in a Rom-Com to melt our hearts. Here are some easy, everyday gestures that will make us swoon.

A “Just Because” email: I know it sounds cheesy, but something as small as “Hey, just wanted to say that I hope your day is going well and that this makes you smile,” could go a long way with us. Or text, whatever you prefer. And you know what? I bet it succeeds, too.

Flowers from the corner market: It’s the oldest cliche in the book, but there’s a reason this gesture is still in rotation, boys. Women love getting flowers. Love, love it – we’re suckers for unsolicited thoughtfulness, what can I say? It doesn’t have to be a dozen long stems. Even some daisies on your way home would do the trick. Hand delivery is best if you can swing it, plus seeing her expression will make it worthwhile.

Make her a playlist: If you know she runs a lot, or likes to take long bubble baths, or even just zone out to Pandora while she’s at work, then why not play DJ for your darling? Jump on Spotify or iTunes and cue up some of her favorite bands. Also, cultivating tunes she might like shows that you’re creative AND considerate.

Warm up her day: This time of year Mother Nature can be a cold hearted b*tch. Well, for those of us in the northeast at least. So if you notice that the object of your affection is usually shivering, try bringing her some hot cocoa or cider, taking her to a bar with a cozy fireplace, or just grabbing a gift card for her the next time you’re at Starbucks. Because sometimes the way to a woman’s heart is through caffeine, let’s be honest.

Manual labor: Women hate clearing off their cars when it snows, taking out the garbage or even hauling their groceries home. If you can step in and use your brawn, we’d be much obliged.

Leave her a hand-written message: I know of a guy who has a post-it on his computer at work that reads, “What have you done for your wife today?” (One of the more adorable things I’ve heard lately, I’ll admit). But maybe he’s onto something. Putting a sweet note on her car, in her bag, or just someplace she’ll find it is a surefire way to brighten up her day. Or, you can just…

Cook for her. Stop groaning. Even the most culinary challenged man can take a stab at making something edible for dinner, so stop making excuses, boys. Boiling some water for pasta or slapping together a sandwich for her are hardly Top Chef skills. But they do show us that you took the time to do something nice for us. The upside of your kitchen time? It might just lead to whipping up something for breakfast the next morning, too.

And there you have it – some quick, inexpensive and painless ways to show us some love. Of course if you’re up for it, go the romantic, over the top, sweeping gesture route. But beware, you’ll be really putting yourself out there. Like the this kid, in the below video.

I urge you to watch the full five minutes of his serenade to “Emily,” who I can only assume is a girl he’s not officially dating at the time. If you give up before his heartfelt plea to his beloved into the camera at the end, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice, trust me.

First and foremost, this disclaimer: I am in no way making fun of this boy. What he did took a SERIOUS set to wear his heart on his sleeve like that. It also apparently took his buddy Mike with a tripod, multiple forest set ups (on his dirt bike is my favorite), and his very best Hawaiian shirt to pull it off.

Though the production value and singing are painful at best, and the parts where he really puts some emotion into the lyrics might also make you cringe (seriously, I watched most of this with my hands covering my eyes), I have to hand it to this guy. I think we can all agree that he’s probably not a Don Juan in his high school, but with a gesture this bold (and public), he probably managed to get this girl’s attention. How it worked out in the end? That’s anybody’s guess. If someone out there knows what Emily’s reaction was, I’d love to hear it. So good luck to hopeless romantics everywhere, and remember – sometimes a little act goes a long way.ETIQUETTE WINGMAN

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