Sometimes, Miss Wingman bangs out a post in record time and has it uploaded bright and early. Fine, by “sometimes” I mean “on rare occasion.” Whatever.

And sometimes getting everything done is an excruciating process, a sentiment to which I think we can all relate. We dillydally, we procrastinate, we start things and don’t get around to finis…

You get the idea. Well if you’ve ever wondered if your will power and focus can run out (they can!) or whether multi-tasking is a good idea (it isn’t!), the smartypants folks at AsapSCIENCE have gotten to the bottom of it. This quickie clip breaks down in three minutes what it’s taken me a lifetime of thumb-twiddling, Post-It list writing and ‘Net surfing to sort out: why my productivity is so inconstant.

As much as I’d like to think that a fair amount of your day is spent figuring out ways to polish your behavior to snag women or generally be better boyfriends/husbands, who are we kidding? Much of it is spent chipping away at a mountain of work, while still trying to preserve some quality of life. Or if you’re like me, procrastinating on Facebook and sites like mine. Yay for mindless diversions!

But if you’re looking for ways to maximize your focus, it’s appropriate that I share with you this handy tutorial – for the betterment of Type A (and lazy) men everywhere.

Once you figure out the mechanisms that make us more productive, you can adjust your practices accordingly to make improvements. You might still have trouble getting started on these tips (damn you, Zeigarnik Effect!), but at least you’ll understand the factors at play.

And if the folks at Gizmodo and Lifehacker’s endorsements aren’t enough for you, or you just don’t think science should be used in such nerd-tastic ways, you can always check out some of their other clips on YouTube. Like the science of orgasms, or how to really cure a hangover. I think if they’d taught us some of these topics in school, there would’ve been a lot more people pulling A’s in chemistry class.

Here’s hoping your day is productive, boys. So you can give us your undivided attention when you’re done. Work smarter, work shorter, and remember to always love what you do.GEEK WINGMAN

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