When it comes to men, there’s nothing sexier to women than a big, huge…heart.

What’d you think I was going to say? Pervs.

That’s why this year, you should clear a little space in your schedule to grab a shovel, or a soup ladle, or a storybook and lend your time to someone in need. You don’t have to sacrifice every Saturday, and you don’t need to go very far – there are all types of opportunities in every local community, just check sites like VolunteerMatch to get started.

From neighborhood beautification projects, to Habitat for Humanity, to Meals on Wheels or even Big Brothers/Big Sisters, there’s a million and one ways to make a difference. Just log on, type in what project interests you, and voila! Let the giving begin.

And if being a do-gooder doesn’t come naturally to you, allow me to persuade you with the following reasons: 1) Because it really does make you feel better inside to pay it forward. Think I’m lying? No amount of manual labor or it’s measurable results could match the satisfaction you’ll feel from seeing gratitude on someone’s face. You’ll get more out if it than the recipients, trust me.

Secondly, for the less altruistic man, because it ups your desirability with the ladies. (Read: it may even get you laid). See? If I can’t appeal to your kindness, I’ll appeal to your libido. Whatever works.

Now, I’m not suggesting you join a charitable organization so that you can pick off broads to try and score with, I’m just saying that if we know volunteering is what you’re into, we may just be more into you as a result.

And finally, for the free T-Shirt.

Which, if you wear to the gym next time you work out, might just, oh I don’ t know…possibly catch the attention of some broads with whom you end up scoring. Synergy, boys, it’s a beautiful thing.

Just take my advice and please leave your acts of kindness off of social media. Posting “Look-At-Me-I’m-Such-A-Good-Person” uploads to Facebook kills the generosity part, I’m afraid.

And if you’re still not convinced, you can always donate your money instead of your time. Organizations like the Red Cross are constantly seeking donations. Sometimes reaching into your wallet just comes easier to some people than reaching for some work gloves, I get it.

Hopefully the next time you’re faced with the choice between watching the games all afternoon or giving back, you’ll at least contemplate the latter – as a favor to me. If you’re blessed enough to have the means to be reading this site, then you certainly have more than a lot of other people. If you never lose sight of that, I promise your grace will serve you well.

Because in the end, you may not always feel responsibility for your fellow man, but you should feel a sense of accountability to yourself. And you’ll sleep better at night – literally – if you help a total stranger.

So give generously, gentlemen. Give often. And as always, give without expectation.ETIQUETTE WINGMAN

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