(*Rubs eyes) Faaaahhhhhhhk. Monday already?


Well if you’re like Miss Wingman, you might’ve had a little too much fun watching the Superbowl last night, too. And you might also be one of the many Americans who begrudgingly dragged their tired asses into work this morning planning to covertly “desk nap” and avoid anything that requires real brain function until quitting time. (Just remember to prop your chin up, the head nod jolting you awake is a dead giveaway). There isn’t enough caffeine in New York today to fix my stupor. I know I’m not alone.

So in the spirit of football hangover camaraderie, I thought I’d provide you with a solution to your misery. It’s simple, it’s logic-driven, and it might just save all of those people out there who are phoning it in today, too.

I give you “The Scientific Hangover Cure,” brought to you by the folks at ASAPScience. They’re the nerds who know that no one liked chemistry in high school, but are using it to explain the really important questions in life, like why we procrastinate, what really happens during the big “O,” the effects of weed on the body and, of course, the piece de resistance: why you get morning wood. Pretty clever, if you ask me.

But today their useful tips might be particularly helpful to all of us, especially anyone who happens to live in, say, Baltimore. I’m bummed that it wasn’t a match up like last year (Best. New York. Moment. Ever.), but they still gave us a good game, power outage or not.

So slump down in your chair, take a sip of your venti whatever, and try to stay awake long enough to watch this fun little clip. And if you’re the curious type that needs to know how your body got so jacked up in the first place, other than, you know, those rounds of shots I – um, I mean you – kept taking, here’s your explanation.

Hang in there, fly under the radar today, and congrats to all you Ravens fans out there. You certainly earned it.GEEK WINGMAN

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