According to the calendar, gentlemen, it’s spring. According to Miss Wingman, bullshit.

Yes, I’d like to finally retire my sleeping bag-esque down coat for the season, but something tells me that we’re still far from out of the freezing-our-asses-off woods yet. So, on it stays, for now.

But what I will do is throw open the windows and let some life back into my apartment. And, of course, crank my iPod speakers while I clean.

If any of you were planning on doing the same – seriously, I bet your place could use a good sprucing up – then the least I can do is provide you with some tunes to accompany your domestic overhaul.

Out with the old, in with the new. And that goes double for those photos of your old girlfriend you’re still holding onto, boys. But with music, that’s not always the case. Mixing in some classics in with the new stuff never hurts, as long as it all has an upbeat vibe to usher in the new season.

So here are some of my recent favorites, in no particular order. I hope this spring cleaning playlist puts you in a warmer weather mood…

“Sight Of The Sun” – Fun. Aside from the fact that these guys are reaching Kardashian-like levels of over-saturation lately, that doesn’t diminish the fact that they are (and have been for years) SO GOOD. And, true to their name, just plain fun to listen to.

“New York” – Angel Haze. The darling of SXSW this year (that’s “South by Southwest,” for all you Amish, musically unhip kids), Angel Haze is a Michigan-born rapper on the rise. And she also kicks some serious hip hop ass, for what it’s worth. With lines like, “…You b****es are lyrically like some f**king down syndrome; no offense, no shade ‘n all, but y’all b****es on knees like babies crawl,” Haze isn’t afraid to throw down.

“Mirrors” – Justin Timberlake. Hate on JT all you want, jealous dudes, but there’s no denying the kid’s got talent. And his new album The 20/20 Experience is no exception. True, I haven’t loved his recent stuff nearly as much as his pre-I’m-Trying-To-Be-The-Next-Michael-Jackson era albums (Future Sex/Love Sounds, I miss you). But if this track doesn’t make you nod your head, you might want to check your pulse.

“Step” – Vampire Weekend. Nothing says sunny days and windows rolled down like the high-pitched, feel good music of these ivy league hipsters (with nonsensical lyrics, to boot). And for those jonesing for some new tracks, the VW boys have a new album, Modern Vampires of the City, arriving just in time for summer (May 6th).

“Feel This Moment” – Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera. OK OK fine, so this track is a little girly. Feel free to substitute it with practically anything Pitbull, because Pit is not only a one-man Miami party on two legs, but he also pretty much exudes sex. In a mildly scary way, but still. Dude’s got game.

“I Do” – Gin Wigmore. This chick’s got a trippy, vintage-sounding voice (think gravelly, not grandma). But the real kicker to this catchy little tune? The true mark of all sun soaked, lazy day music…wait for it…a ukulele. It’s the kind of track that makes you wish you were sitting on a dock swinging your legs off the edge into the water. Or, you know, in your apartment organizing your sh*t. One or the other.

“Backseat Freestyle” – Kendrick Lamar. Nobody’s been this amped up for the return of west coast gangsta rap since the days of Snoop and Dre. Who, incidentally, have practically anointed Lamar their successor and protege. Forget that most of his music is less aggressive-sounding than one might expect within that genre, he still has a solid flow. I don’t love all of his tracks, but this standout is definitely an exception.iWINGMAN

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