Fact: women are usually cold. Unless she lives in, like, Dubai, is carrying a little extra insulation at the moment (hey, we’ve all been there), or it’s the dead of summer. And even then, overly-aggressive air conditioning forces us to keep an “office sweater” handy. Meanwhile, men are forced to rock socially unacceptable pit stains and sweat it out to prevent their lady love from walking around with a parka and mittens on in her own apartment.

Why? Because the male-female thermostat battle is a real thing, and it sucks.

But even though temperatures are cooling down on their own now, finding a comfortable climate zone indoors at any time of year that suits both sexes can be tricky. Enter some particularly innovative MIT students (“nerds” was said with love, promise) who just may have solved the his-temp/her-temp happy medium dilemma for good.

Their invention, called Wristify, is a “thermoelectric bracelet that regulates the temperature of the person wearing it by subjecting their skin to alternating pulses of hot or cold” depending on their need. So, instead of regulating the temperature of an entire space, it heats or cools the body of the person wearing it instead.



Wristify recently won first place at the school’s science and engineering competition, netting the group enough funds to further develop their prototype. Seen as a promising step to help alleviate a serious energy crisis caused by A/C usage, MIT senior and co-inventor Sam Shames said they were motivated by a more prosaic problem: keeping everyone happy in a room where no one can agree where to set the thermostat.

The wristband isn’t for sale yet, but as soon as they refine a more pleasing aesthetic and settle price point (the prototype operates on about $50 of off-the-shelf parts), your days of waging A/C war with your woman could be over. And as a girl who’s kept fleece blankets handy to survive boyfriend nuclear winter for most of my life, we may be even more excited by this invention than you.GEEK WINGMAN

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