This weekend, Miss Wingman learned a few valuable things. Firstly, that you can actually get a girl’s digits on the subway – thus shattering my previously-held worldview. Secondly, that Miley Cyrus can, in fact, sing. Actually, the girl can SANG, but she still insists upon dressing like an extra in a pole dancing workout video. And lastly, that when people conduct half-assed studies with poor survey soundness, they do their best to try and spin it into a new “trend.” Such is the case with this latest gem.

Newsflash, men: the Brazilian wax is out, and women rocking a “70′s vibe” downstairs is making a comeback (thanks a lot, Gwyneth.)

At least according to The Telegraph, who published a 1,870-woman survey proclaiming that 51% of the respondents rock a full-on, bushy look. As in, no bikini line maintenance at all. What’s more, 62% of women polled say that their partner actually “prefers the natural look.”

Sure they do.

Arguably the most disturbing part of this survey, other than that more comprehensive results can be found by polling the chicks at, like, Coachella, is that 45% of women admitted that “they can no longer be bothered to keep up the grooming.”



Jesus, ladies, what have we come to? No one says you have to keep your lady parts looking ready to grace a layout in the glossies at all times, or do any of this shit, but 45% of you have just. Given. Up. Really? This isn’t like forgetting to get your roots covered, this is just straight up throwing in the towel. It’s a sad day when basic physical maintenance (let alone sexiness upkeep) falls off the priority radar completely.

Granted, you gentlemen should definitely not broach the topic if you notice your girlfriend’s groin looking more and more like a chia pet lately, because that’ll A) get you slapped or frozen out, and B) makes you a total dick. Just rely on the fact that she’ll eventually get the hint when other women throw her side eye in the locker room at yoga.DAPPER WINGMAN

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