Whilst perusing the never-ending dude army that is Match and Tinder, Miss Wingman recently found this dude. Yeah. 

And though sadly, no, my type does not involve abs that look like your diet consists of 50% tuna, 50% Met-Rx, 0% carbs (seriously, bro?), I felt the need to share this with you. Why? Because this is the type of thing we’re dealing with here, kids.

Even more ridiculous than the married guys with profiles who give zero fucks about unabashedly showing their wedding rings in photos are dudes like the above male.

And the only acceptable comment on him comes courtesy of my tot nephew, who upon seeing this screenshot saved in my phone asked me wide-eyed, “Is that Superman?”

To be fair, he has an obsession with superheroes.

Incidentally, to the abs guy, wherever you are…there are no words. But to the aforementioned group of married men, consider yourself targeted. Yup, every time I come across one of you, don’t be surprised if your screenshot doesn’t end up on public display. Not a fan? You should’ve thought about that before. The app’s called Tinder, after all. Not “Adulterer.” Happy hunting! –MW.THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

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