If you’re like Miss Wingman and you grew up in the 80s-slash-90s, you definitely remember watching shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and can probably still sing every word to the theme song. Actually, if you were really like Miss Wingman, you’d have spent your childhood wishing you had Evie from Out Of This World‘s powers, coveting Punky’s bedroom, and wishing you were a Cosby…but you get the idea.

Yes, childhood nostalgia is a beautiful thing, especially when it reappears later in life. Enter Alfonso Ribeiro, of Carlton Banks fame. Video has recently surfaced of the Sweater Vest-ed One going from flash back to flash mob, as he leads a group in a spontaneous dance party to break some sort of world record.

Did he break it? Who cares! It’s Carlton Banks doing the Carlton Banks, complete with old school boom box. Does it get any better than this? No. No it does not.

So boys, we’ve already been over how dancing ups your sexiness factor with the ladies, but just in case you need a refresher, watch this clip. Sure, this isn’t exactly what I was talking about, but not being afraid to look a little ridiculous is an attractive quality, too. So click and enjoy this dance down memory lane. If you squint really hard you can almost picture him wearing his private school blazer.

I wonder what Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv would think of this?iWINGMAN


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