Just what we needed – another way to turn the friendly skies into the borderline-creepy skies.

As if Virgin Airlines’ attempt at mile-high macking on the girl 3 rows back wasn’t enough (they’ve previously offered people the option of buying a drink for other passengers via their media controllers), now you can roll up on your fellow fliers even harder. Well, so long as you remain seated while the fasten seatbelt sign is illuminated, at least.

Spot a smokeshow on your flight and wanna know if she’s single? (Say it with me now, all together…) “There’s an app for that.” Introducing Wingman, the newest way to get some nookie on that early morning connection to Houston. Or Chicago. Or anywhere else with a major airport.

So how does it work? Wingman users create a profile, complete with photo, flight number and details like whether they’re traveling for business or, ahem, pleasure (ba dum bum). Then they’re connected with others who’ve downloaded the app and are on the same flight, and voila! They’re free to swipe left or right and start chatting.

The upside? Wingman works over Bluetooth, so if your airline’s Wi-Fi notoriously sucks (I’m looking at you, Southwest), it’s no sweat.

The downside? Wingman isn’t cleared for takeoff yet, but as soon as Apple’s ironclad app store signs off on it, you can ditch your usual go-to airplane pickup line (No, I would not like to borrow your copy of Sky Mall, thanks) and get to digital flirting.


Granted, Tinder’s usually lazy wait time for users to pull the trigger and actually message each other should be circumvented by the fact that, with Wingman, you only have the length of your flight to make a love connection. Possible pitfalls? The odds of multiple people on your 150-person flight A) having the app and B) actually being desirable could be slim, so you might have more luck with that cute flight attendant, but I guess only time will tell.

So pack some breath mints in that carryon the next time you fly, and with any luck you won’t have to rely on the latest Bradley Cooper flick to entertain you for four hours. Buckle up, stretch your legs (or, you know…don’t), and for the love of God, lose the neck pillow.THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

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