Fact: Girls are suckers for sentimental gifts. Anything warm and fuzzy, cloaked in feelings or generally high on the sappiness scale is usually a winner. So, if your girl fits this bill, there are dozens of clever gift options to ponder.

And, since I’ve basically become your friendly (or snarky, whatever) holiday advice elf, I’ve boiled it down to three contenders for you. Seriously – even I’m getting sick of talking about this stuff. If you can’t wrap up something stellar after all of my suggestions from this past week, you may very well be beyond help. (I’m kidding, there’s no such thing as a lost cause, boys – keep the faith).

First up we have an addendum to the jewelry list, whereby you buy her a single pearl on a necklace – the idea being that you can add a pearl each year (or each special occasion) to help her complete the strand over time. I’m sure that your local jeweler would be able to help facilitate starting this, or knows of a participating retailer who can.

Or else you can just go the Internet route and hit up a site like Add A Pearl to suit your needs. You can choose from cultured or natural pearls, length of strand, bracelet vs. necklace or opt for the charm bracelet route and add trinkets from the memories you’ve accumulated together.

Perfect for: Any female who likes jewelry or public displays of the emotional kind. Dating timeline appropriateness: This one’s tricky – if you know for 100% certain that she’s The One and you’re going to keep her around (and vice versa, for what it’s worth) then you can start this strand early on. Otherwise keep it for a well-established partnership, lest she feel like you’re jumping the gun.

What it says about you: Listen carefully men, this is the single most important message a woman can hear from you: “I’m going to stick around.” Knowing that you and your affection aren’t going to pull a disappearing act, or that you’re in it for the long haul, are very appealing notions to us. You may score more points from the, “I love you and I’m not changing my mind,” message than from the actual gift itself, it’s that powerful. 

On a less expensive (but equally thoughtful) note, you can also gift her with a recap of your love by giving her the book “All About Us.” Begotten from it’s earlier book ancestor “All About Me,” this simple little journal comes with blank sections for you to fill in about your relationship.

You can sail right past dates and names-type detailed books, which are more of a cold record of your love than a genuinely insightful glimpse into who you are/what you mean to each other, this book is so much more.

With sections like, “If you could change one of your partner’s body parts which would it be?” (btw, play this one cautiously or else!) and other such playful nonsense, this gift is sure to please. Consider it romantic Mad Libs for adults, and consider her smitten once she opens it.

Perfect for: The woman with a sense of humor who wants to know these things but would never ask. Dating timeline appropriateness: So long as she’s been around long enough for you to know these little details (or you’ve spent enough time with her), you’ll be fine. What it says about you: I’m clever and creative – just give her something else along with it, a $10 gift on its own will raise some eyebrows.

Finally, may I suggest recreating a memory with her instead of creating a new one? If you took her to a cozy restaurant on your first date and ordered the risotto, take her back there. Remember the bottle of wine? Order it, too. Did she tell you what her favorite book was? Read her a passage. You get the idea. Whether it’s a composite of a bunch of small memories or just one moment’s accurate recreation, she’ll appreciate that it was meaningful to you, too.

Perfect for: Any woman with a pulse. Dating timeline appropriateness: Considering you need to have dated her long enough to have amassed this kind of nostalgia, you do the math. What it says about you: “I was paying attention all along.”

Have a girl gift idea you’d like to share? Just panicked because we’re getting down to the wire for your present exchange D-day? Email me, I’ll do my best, and that’s all anyone can hope to ask. As always keep it right here for more Fail-Safe Girl Gifts for the Holidays, ho ho hope you like them.ETIQUETTE WINGMAN

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