The last time Girl Facts dropped, I revealed some of our most hard-hitting truths, like how to make us really angry and that our underwear rarely matches our bras. Not to mention the tidbit that we know immediately whether we’d let you touch us or not. (This seemed to astound several of you boys). This time it’s about the differences between the sexes – and believe me, this list could go on forever.

Girl Fact: When you’re sleeping in bed next to us, if it is at all humanly possible in the morning for us to sneak away to brush our teeth, put on a little makeup and fix our hair without waking you up, we will. In the beginning of the relationship, at least. None of us wakes up looking this cute.

Girl Fact: If we like you, we find subtle ways to touch you. Is she brushing up against you? Leg touching yours? Playful punch in the arm? Yup, all this means we’re into you, you stud.

Girl Fact: Some girls (read: insecure ones) like to find ways to mark their territory. Their most obvious move? Writing on your Facebook wall.

Girl Fact: We know when you guys pee/blow your noses in the shower, and it really, really grosses us out.

Girl Fact: We wear high heels, short skirts or plunging necklines for your benefit, not for ours. Most of us would prefer jeans. So if we’re sporting it, please tell us we look nice. Thanks.

Girl Fact: Some of us love getting dirty even more than you do. So invite us along next time you pull together that game of pickup football or hit the mountain bike trails.

Girl Fact: We enjoy male attention while out at a bar or at dinner, but you can bet that we’re probably busier scanning the room sizing up other women, not men.

Girl Fact: We always remember the name of the best kisser we’ve ever met and can tell you exactly when/where it took place.

Girl Fact: Guys, you touch your junk and scratch yourselves often, but you will probably never see a woman tug away at her breasts. Any adjustments are strictly for creating more cleavage in cocktail dresses and tank tops only.

Girl Fact: I have never met a girl who doesn’t love getting lightly kissed on her forehead or nose. There might not be anything sweeter.

Girl Fact: Men fantasize about being with two women at once. We dream about being double-teamed too, only it’s by one guy doing our hair and another massaging our feet. Not the same. THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

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