Girl Fact: We might not always remember dates or names, but we can usually tell you what we were wearing during any significant event.

Girl Fact: We tend to have multiple men who make our day when we see them. We call them “office crush,” “subway crush,” “gym crush,” etc. It helps keep things interesting, even if we never speak to them.

Girl Fact: No matter how many times you tell us your family likes us, we’ll still always worry that your mom and sisters don’t think we’re good enough for you.

Girl Fact: Even if we know we’re the worst driver in the world, we’ll still swear we’re awesome at it til the day we die.

Girl Fact: We are physically incapable of NOT sucking in, sticking out our boobs, or checking out our own butts when trying something on in a mirror. It’s scientific, or something.THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID

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