Happy MLB Opening Day, Wingman faithful! Since this day makes me almost as giddy as March Madness at large, and since everyone’s brackets have long since been shot to hell anyway, I thought I’d shift my focus to America’s favorite pastime. No, not baseball – proposing at a baseball game.

Because every girl dreams of the most romantic moment of her life being staged at a place where your feet stick to the floor and the line for the ladies room is roughly 45 women deep. Naturally.

Even though Miss Wingman has extolled the virtues of how NOT to propose before (many times), if you absolutely must ignore my advice and put a ring on it during the 7th inning stretch, the folks at Swimmingly have broken down how much it will cost you to pop the question at every major league baseball stadium.

I know it’s called a baseball diamond, people, but perhaps we’re taking it a little too literally here.

Prices for a major league proposal range from $38.50 at the Pittsburgh Pirates’ PNC Park (not surprising, since Pittsburgh is pretty much the Keystone Light of baseball franchises), to $2,500 at Dodger Stadium or a $1,500 package offered by the Washington Nationals, who’re keeping the tradition alive of our nation’s capital absolutely screwing people, financially or otherwise. Keep it classy, L.A. And D.C. fans, may I suggest a Caps game instead…

Unless you and your beloved have some deep sentimental connection to the ball field, I fail to see how a supremely unoriginal proposal idea is worth any amount of money. But if you’re an Orioles, Royals, Blue Jays, Angels or Mets fan, you needn’t worry about it anyway, because proposals aren’t even offered on your home field.

Then again, if you’re a Mets fan, you’ve probably got bigger things to worry about. It would’ve been nice to see someone NOT strike out in your stadium for once, though. Maybe next year.GEEK WINGMAN

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Every so often, when something especially interesting, or whimsical, or badass comes to my attention I pass it along to you – the Wingman faithful. Such is the case with this recently unearthed letter from an 18-year-old Keith Richards to his aunt Patty telling her about the moment he first met a guy “called Mick Jagger” since being friends in primary school.

*image courtesy Letters of Note*

This chance encounter may have seemed like any other day at first, but it begat one of the most legendary musical collaborations of all time, or so the story goes. (And if you don’t know how the story goes – or who Keith Richards is – kindly get off of my website. I’m kidding).

No I’m not.

My favorite parts of this letter include not only Richards leading off with the phrase “Exit right to deafening applause,” the clearest example of foreshadowing I’ve ever seen. But also his valedictory phrase (that’s his sign off, for the uninitiated – but click the link, it won’t disappoint) being “BIG GRIN” – in all caps, nonetheless – is just plain awesome. It is because of those two gems, and many others embedded within, that I’ll forgive him his Italian slander…maybe.

A few things also worthy of mention are that A) the website Letters of Note is, in my opinion, pretty outstanding if you’re so inclined to bookmarking. Not everything they post is share-worthy, but for a literary geek like me, every so often they find one that really knocks it out of the park.

Like this, exhibit B) a letter every man should read if he’s ever been in love, thinks he might be in love, or plans on ever falling in love. John Steinbeck’s advice to his eldest son Thom’s 1958 letter from boarding school, where the teenager spoke of Susan, a young girl with whom he believed he had fallen in love, is one of my favorite reads ever. Ev-er.

Letter writing and correspondence is a lost art. More men should write letters – or hell, emails even. And not just the ones who are away at war, either. There is something impossibly romantic about revealing who you are to someone little by little, over time. It makes for a solid foundation in a relationship, or just a friendship – but sometimes the latter leads to the former.

You never know.

Lastly, if you’re not a big Stones afficionado or aren’t particularly inclined to letter writing, if you take nothing else away from this posting, hear this: Chance encounters happen all the time, only they may not be so accidental. Whether or not you believe in happenstance (I don’t, for what it’s worth, I believe in fate, timing and preparation) it’s impossible to ignore that some things are just too divine to be coincidence.

So, whether you run into an old chum and start one of the biggest bands on the planet (wink), or you meet a girl on a regular old Wednesday, be open-minded. The possibilities are endless, and even a trifle encounter could lead to a life-altering opportunity.

Here’s to finding some inspiration in your lives, men. Here’s to finding the one day that isn’t like all the other days before it. And here’s to knowing what to do when you get there.GEEK WINGMAN

“Cheers,”  –MW

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