Maybe it’s a sign I’ve been living in New York for too long, but I love seeing a guy in a dress shirt, jeans and sneakers. Or even better, a suit and sneakers (I’d have called suit pants “slacks” but that’s a little too close to my grandmother’s vocabulary for my liking). Either way, whether you’re 21 or 41, men should never lose the ability to rock a badass pair of sneaks.

My only suggestion is that not enough of you take risks with your footwear. I understand the inclination to play it safe, but if I have one piece of advice for you, it’s to throw off your self-imposed limitations and have a little fun. Sneakers aren’t just for casual wear, in fact they can be more chic than a pair of dress shoes at times. Use them as an opportunity to show off your individuality – women love to see your style. So if you’re going to broaden your horizons, here are some amazing options to set you off on the right foot:

If I were a guy, I would pretty much live at the SUPRA store on Prince Street in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood. It’s the only store I’ve gone into lately that made me have gender envy. SUPRA not only boasts it’s own skateboard team, it’s also the brand worn by riders in the know – and if they seem cooler than you, it’s because they actually are.

First up on my favorite styles list are the Skytops ($120). These are a more hip incarnation of standard high-top styles, and come in the above black/teal (also available in equally-awesome Skylow lower-tops for $80), as well as charcoal/purple ($120), yellow soles ($100), my almost-favorite – navy and white ($120), as well as about a dozen other colors/patterns/fabrics.

Equally standout are the Society Mids in hunter green and white ($120), as well as the Vaider style in Black and Magenta ($100, shown below).

All of SUPRA’s styles comes in a variety of colors and heights. For the really daring male, there are some pretty stellar low-top prints to choose from as well, like these that retail for $70. And if that’s not hot enough for you, they do sneaker snobs one better with their line of 413 edition shoes. Each style of this exclusive run only has 413 pairs made – in total – and once they’re sold out, they’re gone for good. Pretty f*ckin’ cool, if you ask me.

And if you’re the guy who just has to have the latest thing, these newly-released-but-throwback Reebok Classic Crepes are a present-day revamp of the 1983 version – in flaming red, no less. Recently featured on Hypebeast and Sneaker Freaker, who get all the credit for the find, if you’re feeling brave or nostalgic, these are a must-have.

Another strong option for the equally-hip-yet-slightly-more-plain sneaker fan is anything by Common Projects. These solid-colored styles are much pricier but worth every penny, in Miss Wingman’s humble opinion. *Note, I am a female though, and we tend to ignore price tags when it comes to shoes, common sense be damned. Though the brand makes everything from court shoes to dress styles, some of my favorites are the following:

The Tournament High-Top Sneakers (above) in this putty/gray color retail for around $335.

The classic Achilles Low-Top style retails for around $450 (told you, not cheap).

And these leather Low-Tops retail for around $465 and can be found on Common Projects’ website, or e-commerce sites like Park & Bond, or you can just pop into the kickass shop Unis on Elizabeth Street in Soho and stalk them, I mean check in, for new styles.

They’re expecting Common Projects’ new Spring line to arrive soon, and while you’re there boys, you’d do well to pick up a pair of their Gio Skinny chino pants ($198). Even if you’re not daring enough to try them on in this color reddish color (called Ox Blood, whoa), they offer a flattering profile of your posterior.

Boasted as the it brand for in-the-know shoe fanatics who want “high-end, low-key kicks,” Common Projects styles can be found on everyone from Kid Cudi to Kanye’s own DJ, A-Trak (and if ‘Ye approves, so do I).

Finally, if all else doesn’t suit your footwear fetish, you can’t go wrong with some good old fashioned Converse Chuck Taylors. But perhaps check out the collaboration between men’s designer John Varvatos and your favorite one-star sneaks, instead.

Varvatos’ line of Converse are equal parts urban chic with a slouchy, laid-back vibe. I dig the Star Player EV low-tops in black-on-black and black-and-cream ($170), but these Leather Double Zips are also kind of fabulous – and come in other colors than just eggplant, promise.

So that’s what I’ve got for you guys in the shoe department (no pun intended). Choose a fun way to express yourself, if the shoe fits, or just keep it classic and clean.

Just be cognizant that when it comes to sneakers, leave the athletic ones at the gym where they belong please. You can rock performance sneaks when you’re running, but in matters of fashion you should find kicks that suit your mood and stand out in the crowd. And remember: showing your personal style is always good for the sole.DAPPER WINGMAN

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